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 Anhui Xunbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Xunbo Technology is located in Hefei, China's Science and Education City, and in Building 12, Phase I, People's Wanfu Industrial Park, the northwest corner of the intersection of Tangkou Road and Gaocheng Road, Feixi County, Hefei City. It is a high-tech enterprise in the field of computer information. It wholeheartedly serves the information construction, serves as an information provider, and strives to create a new model of the information age. It has introduced modern enterprise management mode and perfect competition and incentive wit, which not only has the reputation of state-owned enterprises, but also has the spirit of hard work and unity. Xunbo Technology is also a high-tech enterprise with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and an office area of nearly 1500 square meters. At the same time, it has a joint venture to set up its own sheet metal factory of more than 4000 square meters in Hangzhou. The company has a strong and experienced computer and information technology team and marketing team, Technicians have strong background and rich practical experience. We have always focused on technical exchanges with domestic and foreign universities and 12 academic institutions in the first phase of the People's Wanfu Industrial Park at the northwest corner of the intersection of Tangkou Road and Gaocheng Road, Feixi County, Hefei City. We have long employed scholars in the computer field as our technical consultants, so that the products and technologies developed by the company have always maintained a leading position in the industry. High quality technology and perfect service make the company win widespread praise from all walks of life. In the development of information industry with fierce competition, Xunbo people rely on their own intelligence, pool their wisdom, and work hard to develop, and make unremitting efforts to achieve informatization, large-scale market operation, and cutting-edge technology development! Xunbo Technology is mainly engaged in touch screen, touch display, touch query all-in-one machine series and touch display interactive experience products, queuing and calling system, LCD large screen splicing system, floor mounted stand-alone online advertising machine, wall mounted stand-alone online advertising machine and digital sign advertising information release products; R&D, design, sales and service of self-service touch inquiry all-in-one machine, self-service terminal, payment terminal and self-service printing terminal series products in business hall, bus station, airport, hospital, tax, public security, procuratorial and judicial organs, administrative service center, electric power, agricultural system; Computer software and hardware development, sales and technical services; Network system integration, intelligent wiring design and installation; Design, installation, maintenance and sales of security facilities, monitoring and alarm; Development and sales of communication office automation equipment; Curtain, wallpaper decoration design and material sales. On the one hand, the company is based on itself. At the same time, the company actively introduces domestic and foreign electronic products and technologies. The company timely absorbs and applies international new computer technology achievements to provide services for customers. Xunbo Intelligent Technology has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, customer-oriented, and striving for perfection". The company has finally achieved multi industry informatization construction. To challenge the new era of science and technology, we have made full preparations in technology, talent, and management to provide a directional touch and display solution for multi industry informatization construction. We will remember the enterprise values of "cooperation and innovation", give full play to our own advantages in the information industry, the team strength composed of close management and enthusiastic employees, and provide personalized solutions and services for users. Xunbo Intelligent Technology firmly believes that it will achieve the corporate purpose of "making more organizations use technology to improve operation and management and promote China's digital process through cooperation and our services".

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