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What are the characteristics of Hefei Touch All in One
The all-in-one touch machine is a device that integrates computer, display and touch screen technology, Hefei touch all-in-one machine It has the following characteristics:

1. Multi touch: The all-in-one touch machine supports multi touch technology, which can identify and respond to multiple touch points at the same time, realizing a more flexible and intuitive operation mode.

2. Space saving: The design of the touch all-in-one machine integrates the computer host and the display, reducing the volume and space of the device, and is suitable for use in the environment with limited space.

3. Simple and easy to use: The touch screen is used as the main input mode of the touch all-in-one machine, without external keyboard and mouse, so the operation is more simple and convenient.

4. Strong interactivity: through the touch screen, users can directly touch, drag, pinch and other gesture operations, make direct physical contact with the device, and enhance the interactivity and communication effect between users and devices.

5. Good display effect: The touch all-in-one machine usually uses a high-resolution display with clear display effect and bright colors, which can present more realistic and vivid images and video content.

6. Wide application: The touch all-in-one machine is widely used in education, commerce, medical care, entertainment and other fields, and can be used to display product information, provide self-service, conduct interactive teaching, medical diagnosis and other scenarios.
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