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Basic introduction of Hefei mosaic screen
Video Wall is a large display system composed of multiple displays. They are usually used for indoor or outdoor large-scale information display, advertising, monitoring command center and other occasions. Hefei mosaic screen It can display pictures with high resolution, high brightness and high contrast to attract the attention of the audience.

The basic principle of splicing screen is to combine multiple displays in a specific arrangement to form a seamless large screen. Common arrangement includes horizontal splicing and vertical splicing. Horizontal splicing is to arrange multiple displays in a horizontal direction so that their edges are adjacent, forming a wide screen display area. Vertical splicing is to arrange multiple displays in vertical direction to form a high screen display area.

The display effect of the splicing screen depends on many factors, including the resolution, brightness, contrast and color performance of the display screen. In order to achieve the effect of seamless splicing, splicing screens usually use special border design and adjustment technology to reduce the gap and inconsistency between displays.

In a word, the mosaic screen is a large display system composed of multiple displays. It has the characteristics of high resolution, high brightness and seamless splicing, and is widely used in information display, advertising and other fields.
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