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Precautions for wall mounted touch all-in-one device
When installing the wall mounted touch all-in-one machine, there are some considerations:
1. Safety: During installation, ensure that the wall hanging device can be firmly fixed on the wall to prevent the equipment from falling or shaking. Ensure that the installation location does not pose a threat to personnel safety, such as avoiding installation in the aisle or emergency exit.
2. Power supply and wire: before installation, ensure that there is a proper power interface, and ensure that the wiring conforms to safety standards. Avoid exposing or tripping wires.
3. Wall bearing: the wall hanging device needs to be installed on a solid wall that can bear its weight. Before installation, understand the structure and load-bearing capacity of the wall, and use appropriate installation accessories.
4. Height and angle: Select the appropriate installation height and angle according to the use needs and ergonomic principles to ensure that users can use the touch all-in-one machine comfortably.
5. Temperature and ventilation: ensure that the temperature of the installation location is appropriate, and provide sufficient ventilation to prevent the equipment from overheating.
6. Maintenance and cleaning: regularly clean the screen and shell of the touch all-in-one machine to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. At the same time, ensure that the maintenance of equipment is properly carried out.
Please note that the above is only a general note, and the specific installation requirements may vary with different wall mounted touch all-in-one machines and models. Before installation, it is recommended to refer to the installation manual of the equipment or consult a person for accurate guidance.
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