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Solution to failure of touch screen of all-in-one machine

If the all-in-one touch screen fails, you can try the following solutions:

1. Clean the touch screen: The touch screen may fail due to the accumulation of dust, stains, grease and other substances. You can use a clean soft cloth or touch screen cleaner to gently wipe the surface of the touch screen to ensure that the touch screen is clean.

2. Recalibrate the touch screen: Some all-in-one computers support the touch screen recalibration function. You can find the touch screen calibration option in the system settings or control panel, and recalibrate according to the prompts.

3. Restart the all-in-one machine: sometimes the touch screen failure may be caused by system or software problems. You can try restarting the all-in-one machine to reload the system and software, which may solve the problem of touch screen failure.

4. Update the driver: The driver of the touch screen may need to be updated to ensure its compatibility with the operating system. You can visit the official website of the all-in-one machine manufacturer, download the touch screen driver of, and install it according to the instructions.

5. Contact after-sales service: If the above methods cannot solve the problem of touch screen failure, it is recommended to contact the after-sales service center or maintenance personnel of the all-in-one machine for further help and support. They can provide more solutions and maintenance services.

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