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55 "flexible LCD splicing screen
 55 "flexible LCD splicing screen

55 "OLED flexible screen panel

Panel: OLED, physical resolution 1920x1080 (H × V), brightness 400 (nit), contrast>100 000:1, response time: 1ms grayscale to grayscale, 8ms dynamic picture response time, display color: 10 bit, 1.07B (1B=10 billion), visual angle: 178 ° (H)/178 ° (V), screen scale: 16:9, operation time: 18 hours × 7 days;

Physical characteristics: overall dimension: 1217.47mm × 693.74mm × (width × height × thickness), display area dimension: 1209.6 X 680.4mm (width × height), splicing gap: 7.8mm left and right, 10mm up and 3.9mm down (theoretical value), single screen black edge (mm): 3.9/3.9/10/3.9 (left/right/up/down), bending radian: 1m radius horizontally and 1m radius vertically;
Signal interface: signal input: VGA X1, HDMI IN X1, USB 2.0 X1, DVI IN X1, DP IN X 1, AV IN X1, control signal input and output: RS232 serial port (RJ45);
Weight: screen weight 2.4kg, control box weight 3.5kg, gross weight of the whole machine: to be determined;
Power supply: power consumption 190W, service life not less than: 30000 hours;

Environment: working temperature 5 ℃~45 ℃, working humidity 30%~80%, environmental altitude (altitude) 0~5000m,&;

Play software control system

Support breakpoint resume, scheduled download, bandwidth settings, and rational use of network resources
Super multi period timing on/off function, unattended. Terminal remote management, setting volume, switching display devices, restarting, sleeping and other one button controls. Terminal remote monitoring, real-time status viewing, providing rich business reports and management reports.
Powerful system health monitoring, support fault warning, prompt error information in time
Remote upgrade of terminal system, intelligent domain name resolution, convenient and fast operation and maintenance
Support wide area network, local area network, VPN/WiFi/3G network publishing, cross regional, cross provincial and city, multi network easy networking.

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